Homegrown Ginger

I’m a bit of a raver when I get going, and one thing that’s guaranteed to get me going every time is ginger. It’s just so incredibly easy to grow and I’ve been on a mission to get ginger lovers everywhere to start growing it.

Ginger is a tropical crop – the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland is a famous growing area – but even if you live in southern Australia, you can have a go at growing your own. It’s all about creating a suitable microclimate, and it’s easy to do. Just choose a warm sunny spot in front of a north facing wall where you can imitate the kind of hot steamy conditions that ginger loves, and if you grow it in a pot, then the reflective heat from the wall will help to warm up the growing medium as well. The time to plant is in spring because it needs a long warm summer to grow, so mark that in your diary. I’m just starting to harvest my ginger now – and the video I’ve prepared shows the bountiful return I’ve gained from a single pot.  Be sure to have a go at growing it… you’ll be delighted at how easy it is.


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