How to Harvest Corn

Corn ready for harvesting

Corn ready for harvesting
Photo: Phil Dudman

Corn is a demanding crop. It wants everything you can throw at it… lots of compost and manure before planting, regular feeding with organic fertilisers and plenty of water… but the harvest makes it all so worthwhile. A fresh cob plucked from the stalk, stripped and tossed into boiling water then coated in butter and a little salt and pepper!!! It’s pure heaven!

But how do you know when a cob is ready?

Well, the first sign is when the silks at the top have browned. At that point, I like to peel a section of the sheath back to reveal the kernels. If they are pale, they need a bit more time. The kernels should be a nice yellow colour. Also, you can puncture one of the kernels with your thumb nail. If the liquid released is clear, they’re not quite ready. If it’s creamy, the cobs are perfect for plucking. If there’s no liquid… opps… you’ve left the cobs on too long. The kernels will be past their best and too dry to enjoy.

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