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Handmade Aprons

Price $35.00

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If you’re totally absorbed in your cooking, chances are there will be plenty of splashing and spilling going on. Why not whack on an apron and while you’re at it, spread the good word about growing-your-own food! They are 100% natural state cotton, un-seeded and undyed. All Australian (cotton, rivets, sewn).

These aprons are beautifully handmade with love by our friend Louise in Point Lonsdale who is a highly regarded fashion designer.

We love them.

Cutting Boards Camphor Laurel

From $35.00

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Julie discovered these boards at a local market. After  chatting to Dash, who crafts them in his local workshop, it was clear that she not only needed a few, but needed to spread the word about these eco friendly, anti bacterial and stylish cutting and cheese boards.

They are made from, locally reclaimed/sourced Camphor Laurel which is a hardwood species and a declared weed, threatening coastal ecology, native fauna and biodiversity. Phil believes that by using this ethically acceptable timber, which is a particularly rampant weed on the North Coast of NSW, we contribute to the environment in a positive way. Camphor Laurel is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, when compared to plastic, pine and even glass cutting boards (based on University testing). Julie loves the density of the grain – that means her cutting board is both light and kind to her precious knives. After use wash with soapy water and then towel dry. Do not leave your board soaking in water. Do not bleach the board as this will destroy the natural antibacterial property in the timber. Do not put boards in dishwasher or very hot water. Re-oil with grape seed oil every few months or when timber appears dry. The distinct fragrance will not affect food.

100% Linen Tea Towel

Price $20.00

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When you spend as much time drying up as Phil and Juls, you appreciate Linen Tea Towels, but just as important is our Grow, Know, Love-Your-Food message. Made by Louise. All Australian. Nothing is better for drying up than Pure Linen tea towels.

  • They absorb better without always feeling damp
  • Linen is lint-free, so they’re perfect for polishing glass
  • They are strong and resistant to abrasion damage
  • Linen resists dirt and stains, so is relatively easy care
  • Linen is all natural, made from fibres of the flax plant

Wash a few times before use.
Size: 48cm x 74cm

Herb Planter Recycled Timber

Price $35.00

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Great for a mini-garden display on a kitchen window sill or patio.

Hand crafted by Phil from recycled timber, so it looks and feels good.

Pop your potted herbs into the display box straight from the nursery. Also perfect for storing seed packets, kitchen utensils and assorted stationery. Phil was inspired to pick up the hammer and saw as he and Juls are constantly asked about growing and using fresh herbs in the kitchen.

Give chives, oregano, thyme, marjoram, sage and parsley a go.

Box measures: 23cm x 13cm x 10cm

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